Supermarket checkout simulation

This is the simulation:

import salabim as sim

class Customer(sim.Component):
    def process(self):
        # first we shuffle the checkout queues
        checkout_queues_in_random_order = env.Pdf(env.checkout_queues, 1).sample(n=len(env.checkout_queues))
        # then we sort them, largest available quantity first. As sorted is stable equal available quantity queues
        # are kept in the same (shuffled) order
        checkout_queues_in_random_order_sorted_on_available_quantity = sorted(
            checkout_queues_in_random_order, key=lambda checkout_queue: checkout_queue.available_quantity(), reverse=True
        # then we join the joint queue
        # and now we try and grab a place in one of the checkout queues
        yield self.to_store(checkout_queues_in_random_order_sorted_on_available_quantity, item=self)
        # if we indeed could get a place, we leave the joint queue

class Checkout(sim.Component):
    def setup(self):
        self.queue = env.Store(f"{}.queue", capacity=env.maximum_queue_length_at_checkpoint)
        self.queue.animate(x=600, y=50 + self.sequence_number() * 100, title=f"queue for {self.sequence_number()}")
        # the service queue is only used for animation and could be used for statistics
        self.service = env.Store(f"{}.service")
        self.service.animate(x=700, y=50 + self.sequence_number() * 100, title=f"client at {self.sequence_number()}")

    def process(self):
        while True:
            truck = yield self.from_store(self.queue)
            yield self.hold(env.service_time)

def main():
    global env
    env = sim.Environment()
    env.number_of_checkpoints = 4
    env.maximum_queue_length_at_checkpoint = 2
    env.service_time = env.Uniform(100, 900)
    env.customer_iat = env.Uniform(40, 200)
    env.modelname("Demo supermarket")
    env.checkout_queues = [Checkout().queue for _ in range(env.number_of_checkpoints)]
    env.joint_queue = env.Queue("joint_queue")
    env.joint_queue.animate(x=400, y=50 + env.number_of_checkpoints / 2 * 100)
    env.ComponentGenerator(Customer, iat=env.customer_iat)

if __name__ == "__main__":